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Hi everyone, welcome to Buchibrand Technologies WebPage.  Buchibrand Technologies is an Online Advertising and Business Promotion company.

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OUR MISSION: is to give your business a world class exposure.

We have been doing all these effectively, building trust and helping small businesses to grow since 2012 and we are very proud  of our Products and Services.  We are here to help you make money from your online business. Please be free to contact us for more details




  • Perfect shape slimming patch,
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slimming patch direction3Just paste it directly below your navel   (as seen on the photo) and go to bed, remove when you wake up the next morning and repeat every night. It absorbs tummy fat and gives a perfect and sexy flat tummy.

Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and aged people should NOT use.

Package: 3 Packs of 10 Patches each on a pack (30 patches for a 30 days slimming course).
PRICE: #2,999NGN  ($8.99)


Blockchain Now Support Ethereum

One of the biggest cryptocurrency wallet now support Ether. Ethereum is a distributed public block chain network that focuses on running programming code of any decentralized application. More simply, it is a platform for sharing information across the globe that cannot be manipulated or changed.

ETHEREUM appears to have come to stay for a very long time just as BITCOIN.  One Ether is currently a little over $300. So if you have blockchain.info wallet, log in now and start receiving and sending ETH. Note that you can convert your bitcoin to ethereum right there in your blockchain wallet.

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freshlegend.bizwhat do i need to get started?

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  • Investellect: 10% interest daily-300% after 30 days- $10 Min Invest (STILL PAYING). more info here.
  • Bitcomet.biz:  7-9% profit daily forever- 0.001btc Min Invest (CLOSED). More info here.
  • Bitcoin3 Mining: 200% daily- 9999% interest monthly- $1 Min Invest (CLOSED). More info here
  • Coinations:  min Invest 0.005btc- 0.005 signup bonus (CLOSED). more info here
  • More coming soon….

I will constantly continue to update this list to add more Tested/Trusted Paying&Legit programs, and equally remove those that are no longer paying. Please note that i will not recommend any program that i am yet to invest, earn and withdraw from here.

The Crash Of MMMNigeria

A lot of Nigerians are so greedy, why put in 50k, 100k, 500k, even up to 2M? This is what has caused mmm problem (though I’m not saying the system has or will crash soon). A situation whereby 3 or more participants PH funds are needed just to pay one person is a big problem to the system. Now lots of people are placing GH order while only but a very few are ready and willing to PH, what’s gonna happen to the system? Two things actually.
1. Slow down the GH process
2. The system Crashes.

Since mmm has decided to adopt option 1 I think it is advisable for those Guiders, Managers and those that have milked the system for so long to push/lead the PH campaign. They should be honest enough to return some of the proceeds they have gotten from the community back to the system in other to keep it going strong.

The mistake on the part of MMMNigeria was that they shouldn’t have place such limitation on the way and manner they went about it. It ought to have been a systematic and deliberate step. It would have been better if MMM Nigeria had extended the Mavro maturity period by two weeks and then increase the interest margin, that will make a lot of Nigerians to wait and before you know it, Christmas and New Year is over.

On the other hand I think Mavrodians should actually be the ones to be preaching the gospel of Hope and Patience to the entire nation. They should not allow the media, government agencies and bad bele people to instill fear in them that will in extension create a kind of panic that will ultimately crash MMM Nigeria.

* Why are people celebrating this temporal setback?
* Of what benefit is it to them if MMM Nigeria crashes?
* Does it actually mean that if MMM Nigeria has actually crashed it is all the participants that has lost money?

The simple truth remains that mmm Nigeria has actually helped a lot of nigerians to get out of the messy economic recession the country is presently experiencing. According to a cnn report, mmm nigeria has actually help to reduce the poverty ratio in Nigeria by 20%.

* So what else are we talking about, and why should we even blame the participants.
* If you refuse to participate in mmm nigeria, what other better option do you have out there?.
* Have we not be loosing money to, Banks Land Grabbers, Police, Immigration, Customs, NEPA/PHCN/DISCO, Estate Agents, Betting etc?

Now i ask again, what’s the big deal with losing money to mmmnigeria?.

The funniest aspect of is all is that those who are Betting on Sports and other forms of gambling and loosing money on daily basis are equally among those that are making mockery of mmm nigeria participants(what an irony?).

If mmm nigeria has crashed, it is not the end of the world for her participants. The truth remains that it has turned the fortune of many around(real good). Just dust yourself, lick your wound and try better (with wisdom and knowledge) next time. But don’t stop daring because in so doing will your breakthrough come.

If mmm Nigeria continues by January, a lot of lives will still be touched for good. So which ever way it goes, mmmnigeria has actaully done well.

The End Of MMM Nigeria

MMM is growing and spreading all over Nigeria like a wild fire, and most Nigerians now see this scheme as an easy route to Success. Please stop celebrating shortcut to success because there is actually no shortcut to success. If you are already in the scheme and making gains, I will encourage you to enjoy your MMM money while it is still coming but never you say MMM will not crash one day, because even in the Russia, China, and South Africa it has failed. Truth be told, MMM is not a scam, but it’s a Ponzi scheme and (take from Peter to pay Paul) it’s future depends on more people coming in to pledge help, this simply means that it will get to a point of equilibrium and definitely the Law of Diminishing Returns will set in and at that point mmm will no longer have a enough fund to pay those that are already in the scheme. And you know what that means, apprehension and suspicion will set in, then people will begin to question the credibility and future of mmm, that will bring about bad reviews and comments and in extension lead to everybody requesting help at the same time. Continue reading

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