How To Make Money

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Most times making one dollar online is a difficult task, especially when you don’t have someone to take you to the river, teach you how to fish and watch you fish successfully. As a newbie on internet marketing, you are bound to make many mistakes before discovering what actually pays.

  • If you are a newbie Internet Marketer
  • You wish to make your first $1 online and continue to earn more dollars
  • Do you really want to make money online?
  • And you are also very serious and fully committed to making it.
  • Then you are at the right place and at the right time.

I don’t know how many E-book you might have bought and how many scam sites you have registered with, reading mails, taking surveys, watching g videos, accumulating thousands of dollars and hoping you will one day get to the Cash-Out thresh-hold to get paid. I’m sorry to announce this to you, you may never get paid and you can’t even make use of your money or points to run advert. I fell for few of them before discovering the genuine way for a newbie to make money online


  1. Any site or program online that promises you anything above 25Cent to read email, visit site, like page…. is actually a scam(you can’t make money and cash it there).
  2. You cannot make good money online through stealing intellectual property (plagiarism) and you can not be very successful through copy and paste kind of activity.
  3. Spamming can take you up half way now and crash-land you later, when all the search engine and your audience realizes your unhealthy trick.
  4. You don’t need a million dollar to be successful online, and you don’t also need ten thousand pounds worth of experience or expertise to get started.
  5. In fact you don’t need any other thing than your computer/mobile phone, internet facility and the “Will Power”, which encapsulate determination, focus, passion and Resilience. (YouTube is your best teacher, you can learn virtually everything through YouTube videos)

Here are 7  Proven Principles To Guide You into Making Genuine Money Online.

1. Say to yourself repeatedly that you want to make genuine money online, until it begins to re-echo in your head “i must make genuine money”.

2. Choose Your Niche: what exactly have you got to offer the internet community. Be wise in choosing and choose smartly, think service, adding value and money making ,before making your choice. Doing something you’ve got a little or enough knowledge of can guarantee quick success.

3. Search: Research and Double Search your Research. With the help of google, bing and many other search engine, get all the necessary tips and information needed to fuel your success vehicle. Eg. If you wish to go into any form of Internet Marketing you need Quora, Udemy,  Warriors Forum,  Nairaland Forum, DigitalPoints, YouTube….. are the best places to get started  from. Ask questions, get responses,  and act on the information you get.

4. Start Blogging: use any of the two major Free blogging platform, or to kick start your business. Start implementing all you know and those you’ve gotten online.(there are lots of free tutorials on various niche and topic online).

5. Get a mentor: you need someone who already knew the way to mentor you through the right path. Good news, you don’t need any money to achieve this, the internet offers a lot of free mentoring avenue for a Newbie like you. Follow the experts on twitter, facebook and Instagram. Comment on their blog and get them to support you (many of them are willing to help you for Free).

6. Unique Quality Content: be unique, smart and creative. choose your own unique blogging style, words, and the information you are conveying across must also be uniquely rich. Say something new or say something that have been said before in a new way. Just make sure you are adding value to the internet community.

7. Monetize your Content: monetizing is where the success lies, your success is how much you are making from your blog or website.



A. Adsense: very good way to make genuine money online. But unfortunately Adsense approval may take a life time to get, even when you get the approval the possibility of getting banned or suspension is about 75%.  Secondly you need a lot of traffic to get earn something reasonable from adsense. So i recommend you start with a very good adsense alternative. Just google  “Adsense Alternative” for more on this

B. Affiliate Marketing: sell other peoples product on your site and make good money. This kind is commission based, you get paid a certain percentage of any sales initiated via your unique affiliate link. Read more about affiliate marketing here.

Join one of these trusted  Affiliate Program Online.

i. Commission Junction(CJ)
ii. Linkshare
iii. Amazon associates
iv. Clickbank
V. Ebay
Vi. Qpid Affiliates (for Dating and Relationship related Niche)
Ix. ShareAsale
X. Sfi Affiliates (one of the very best but not where to start from). Join sfi now.

Xi. Donkeymails: this is actually where i made and cashed my first dollar online. Their Cash-Out limit was less than $1 then, it was very easy and convenient for me to make the minimum withdrawal limit in my first month. With Donkeymails you can make real money, though the amount is very low still i think it pays to take all your time and get result than waste your time and resources on nothing.

Quick Tips: To earn your fist $1 and very fast on donkeymails, you need to focus on the Pay-To-Signup first then try to invite your friends also to join. The more friends you invite the more money you make, and as your friends (referrals) are making money you too will be rewarded certain percentage of their earnings.


Xii. InboxDollars: is another newbie friendly site that has been around for a very long time, but you need to be a USA resident to benefit immensely from InboxDollars. Most of their survey and offer are targeted at US residents, so if you register from another country your earnings will be limited due to limited offers for your country. Inboxdollars pays $5 signup bonus and they have a whole lot of offer you can complete and cash out. Minimum cashout is just $30 and you can make that just in 3 days if you are in US. Tested, Trust & Certified paying.


C. Sell Your Own Products. sell your expertise, E-books etc. Let people hire you for writing, or any other thing you can do perfectly. Advertise it on your blog. The good thing about selling your own product is that all the money comes to you. You can accept payment right there in your blog, with Paypal, PerfectMoney etc.

Pleas what can i sell?

  • Start with digital products and services, eg,
  • E-books: write an E-book on topic you are very much at home with.
  • Article: join Freelancer and start writing article for  other people.
  • Mobile App: help your friends or others to program a Mobile App and get paid.
  • Video: make a short quality educating/funny video, upload to YouTube and monetize.
  • Picture: Design banner/logo for companies and make money.

D. Sell Advert Directly on your Blog: you don’t need anyone or any third party to help you on this. Just use Banner or Text to indicate Your Ad Spaces, create an ADVERTISE Page, include your ad Type/format ( text, banner, button..) , sizes, prices, your phone number and contact email address, Publish and link to it in some of your post.

Finally, traffic is very important and must be considered along side monetizing. You cannot make money from your blog if no one is visiting it. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other free social media sites are very good sources of traffic you need to take advantage of.

To cap it all up: The first and very best way of making good money online for newbie, is to be determined, be Unique, render quality service, get quality targeted traffic, build Links (in and out bound) and focus on 1 or 3 (at most)] of the monetizing channel. Note: you don’t necessarily need to join all the affiliate program to make money,  that will affect you negatively just  focus on few, choose products that are relevant to your content and can add value to your blog.
Enjoy Your Money as it comes, but don’t forget to invest on your online business, because you need to get your own website, domain, Hosting, Advertise….. Don’t forget to also save for the future, if you eat all what you are earning you can never become rich no matter how much you earn daily.

Note: “What makes you rich is not what you earn, but how much you actually save”.

With all these information at your disposal now, i don’t think it will be difficult for you to make your first one dollar online. If this article has added value to your online venture, i think it will be fare enough to share it with your friends. Remember sharing is caring.

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